We provide geological laboratory analysis for biostratigraphy, sedimentology and geochemistry. We have modern fully equipped laboratory facilities to process geological samples for further analysis according to client’s requirements.  We provide detail analysis on:

               Nannofossils  biostratigraphy

               Foraminifera biostratigraphy

               Palynological and palynofacies  biostratigraphy

               Basic screening for Geochemistry (TOC, Rock Eval, VRo, Kerogen Typing)

               Sedimentological Core Description


               Bulk and Clay XRD

               SEM with EDX


In Biostratigraphy, emphasis is given to the construction of high resolution Tertiary biostratigraphic schemes, paleoenvironmental interpretation and reconstruction and sequence biostratigraphic studies.  We have all the facilities in-house and all analysis are done in Malaysia.


For basic geochemistry screening and Sedimentological analysis, we have access to laboratory facilities in Malaysia for Leco TOC, Source Rock Analyser (SRA), Vitrinite Reflection microscopes, thin section preparation, Petrography, XRD, SEM and kerogen preparation lab.


We also provide expertise in Biostratigraphic database system using industry standard StrataBugs software to compile all biostratigraphic data for the client.


We have access to Petrographic Database system (Petrog) and ALT-WellCad for sedimentological core description. These software databases could be integrated to give intelligent solutions for the client. We can also compiled and develop the client corporate database system for all geological laboratory analysis.