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Biostratex Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian company that specialised in Geological laboratory Analyses and Cosultancy services for oil and gas industry in Malaysia and South East Asian Region.
Our area of expertise are in Palynology, Microfauna (Foraminifera), Nannofossil, Geochemistry and Sedimentology.
We have a complete Geological laboratory facilities in Malaysia at Batu Caves Industrial Area in Kuala Lumpur

What Makes Us Unique

We carry out all the analysis in Malaysia with local expertise and consultants that have a vast experience working in this region. This set-up leverages on the local knowledge of the Malaysian geology, stratigraphy and petroleum system to deliver the best solutions for the clients. By having the laboratory in Kuala Lumpur we can support the client directly and quickly without relying on the external consultants. Therefore, we do not have problems in exporting the samples out of Malaysia for analysis which necessitates of getting an approval from Petronas.

We have vast experience and very familiar with South East Asia biostratigraphy. We have extensive collection of type fossils and database in-house.

We have close collaboration with local universities for the geological analysis and we helped them by providing technical support, access to our facilities and industrial training for their students.

We have experience not just for the South East Asian region but also for the NW Europe, Greenland, Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia.